September 8 – Monthly Meeting: Jesse Robinson – Feeding is More Than Just Food

Jesse Robinson – Feeding is more than just food: Blue Ridge Honey Company’s Fall Feeding Program

Jesse has been a part of Blue Ridge Honey Company as a commercial beekeeper for five and a half years. His passion for beekeeping began when he noticed an advertisement for Bob Binnie’s Bee School. Jesse enrolled himself and his wife into school and his appetite for honey bees and everything related has only grown since. Jesse’s gift for precision and detail has also made him well suited for the intricate practice of breeding and rearing queens. Rarely does someone spend time with Jesse and not leave with at least a few bee puns, some piece of interesting information, and a sense of awe at the beauty of God’s design.

This event will be held at North Georgia Technical College. This course is FREE to all NEGAMBA members. Annual club dues are only $20/yr for a family membership. We’ll get together at 6:00pm for dinner in the college dining hall ($7.50). Class begins at 6:30pm. Due to size limitations of the gathering area, we need to know if you are coming–so please sign up via this link: