July 15th – Timely Varroa control with Lewis Bartlett


Join us to hear Dr. Lewis Bartlett speak to our club. DR. LEWIS BARTLETT is a professor of honey bee health at the University of Georgia. He has been beekeeping for over 12 years since he started his training in Yorkshire, England, where he was born. He specializes in the biology of parasites and infectious diseases and the health of honey bees. Lewis has trained in York, Cambridge, Exeter, and Falmouth in the UK and in San Francisco California, Athens & Atlanta in GA while in America. His work started in understanding what drives outbreaks of honeybee diseases and has grown to cover everything from nutrition to pesticides in determining the health of honey bees.

This event will be held at North Georgia Technical College 1500 HWY197, Clarkesville, GA 30523. This course is FREE to all NEGAMBA members. Annual club dues are only $20/yr for a family membership. We’ll get together at 6:00pm for dinner in the Ramsey Hunter dining hall ($10.00). Class begins at 6:30pm.

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