November 10 – Monthly Meeting: Linda Tillman – Cooking w/ Honey

Linda Tillman is a beekeeper, a grandmother, a bread baker and a retired clinical psychologist. She has served as the co-editor of the GBA newsletter, was secretary of GBA in 2016, and was the president of GBA for four years. She is a member of MABA where she serves as the secretary. Linda began keeping bees in 2006 and worked through the UGA/Young Harris certifications, earning her Master Beekeeper in 2010. She keeps bees in her backyard, at community gardens, and in her daughter’s yard. Linda runs a blog that she started at the beginning of her beekeeping experiences. Her blog ( is widely read by followers from all over the world. She has written about many of her beekeeping adventures. She’s made YouTube videos about skills like cooking with honey, harvesting honey and melting wax, and inspecting beehives. She has made a number of honey recipe videos which you can find on her YouTube channel. Linda loves sharing her beekeeping fun with friends, children, grandchildren, new beekeepers, and anyone who will listen.

This event will be held at North Georgia Technical College. This course is FREE to all NEGAMBA members. Annual club dues are only $20/yr for a family membership. We’ll get together at 6:00pm for dinner in the college dining hall ($8.00). Class begins at 6:30pm. Due to size limitations of the gathering area, we need to know if you are coming–Please sign-up here so we know you’ll be joining us: