January 16 (Monday) – Monthly Meeting: Dan Long – Beekeeping in Scotland

Meala GhĂ idhealach!

Join us this month and learn how beekeeping is done in beautiful Scotland! – Kilts optional 🙂

In 2018 Dan Long had the pleasure of meeting with beekeepers from Scotland to inspect a couple of apiaries there and to learn about the similarities and differences of beekeeping in their beautiful country. This program details the climate, timing, nectar and nature of the art and science as well as the differences in equipment used. Several interesting techniques will be discussed as well as examples of some equipment used over there.

Dan Long comes from a family of avid gardeners and nature lovers. It’s no surprise he chose Horticulture for a career and beekeeping as a hobby. For over 20 years he has operated Brushwood Nursery, a mail order nursery specializing in clematis, shipping to all 50 states. He began beekeeping in 1996 but has only gotten serious about it since moving the family and business to Athens, Georgia. It’s the hometown of his wife, Becky, and a great place to raise kids. He has two at home and four adult children.

Dan has been active in local beekeeping clubs where he is currently president of Eastern Piedmont Beekeepers Association. He is regularly an instructor at The Young Harris UGA Beekeeping Institute where he received his certificate as a Master Beekeeper. He has also provided educational opportunities for children, teens and adults through various programs and classes. In 2022 he was elected Georgia Beekeeper of the Year.

It’s January, so dues are due! Please bring a check or cash to the meeting. This event will begin at 6:30pm at North Georgia Technical College in the dining hall annex. This course is FREE to all NEGAMBA members. Annual club dues are only $20/yr for a family membership. Important FYI – the dining hall at the college is closed the day of our meeting for the MLK holiday, so dinner will NOT be served. Due to size limitations of the gathering area, we need to know if you are coming–Please sign-up here so we know you’ll be joining us: https://www.signupgenius.com/go/904044BAAA82EA4F85-monthly14

Bringing a check for your dues? If so, please make your $20 check payable to the following: Northeast Georgia Mountain Beekeepers Association