Chattahoochee Fair Annual Honey Show

Saturday, September 8th – Although attendance was low, the completion was just as hot as the weather!  Nine contenders vied for the top spots of the $100 prize money in the “Black Jar” and “Best of Show” classes.  Results are as follows:

Light Extracted Honey
1.  Stephanie Killingsworth
2.  Garry McGlaun
3.  Virginia Webb

Medium Extracted Honey
1.  Stephanie Killingsworth
3.  Jim Ritchie
** Very Commendable, Virginia Webb

1.  Laura Sutter

Black Jar
1.  Jim Ritchie $100

1.  Stephanie Killingsworth
2.  Virginia Webb

Beekeeping Crafts
1.  Michael Killingsworth

Best of Show
Michael Killingsworth $100

Many thanks to all who helped contribute to this year’s Honey Show…  Julie Lovely, Cindy Hayes, Michael and Stephanie Killingsworth, Kathy Johnson at Commercial Printing in Toccoa.  Judge Gail Dean gave many compliments while judging.  I appreciate the effort each one of you gave to enter your best.  Your efforts show!!

Katie Goodman
President – Northeast Georgia Mountain Beekeepers Association