Dr. Keith Delaplane to Speak to our CLub November 9, 2017!

I am super excited to announce our speaker for the November 9th meeting.
Keith Delaplane, PhD, will speak to us about honeybee behavior …”Bees in Nature, What are they trying to teach us?”

Dr. Keith Delaplane is Professor of Entomology,
Walter B. Hill Fellow, and Director of the University
of Georgia Honey Bee Program. Throughout his 27 years at UGA, he has conducted numerous research projects, written countless articles, supervised a number of graduate students and been author and editor of several books.

See some of his work at these Links


Keith Delaplane

Dr. Keith S. Delaplane of the University of Georgia on "Honey Bee Breeding: Fact or Fiction?" from Beekeeping

Slovenian Hive Tour at the Lobe’s apiary

From all of the club members,,
Thank you Kathy & Lou Lobe for a great experience!  

Wow! what a treat for the May 2017 meeting of the NE GA Mtn Beekeeping Club had a real treat as we got a first hand tour of authentic Slovenian Hives.

After we took our tour of the hive we engaged ourselves in “beekeeping chatter”

An up close veiw of the hive entrances… (click on this to zoom in!)

Experience the Slovenian hive your youself!

Spring might come early

If my memory serves me correectly I have heard that Maple buds ususally begin to appear in mid to late February,   Bob Ketch spotted this just north of Athens ..  Granted he is likely several hundred feet lower than us, so I ask, is this a sign of an early start?

( I am not sure what angle this was taken at but there are Maple buds!)